Sales and Marketing

Taking the advantage of being official distributor of Airbus helicopters, our professional team at SBAIR provides bespoke solutions to our clients in Turkey, allowing our clients have the best helicopter option accommodating all their needs. In fact, when acquiring or upgrading their helicopters, selecting the right make/model is our clients’ one of the most important decisions. Therefore SBAIR is always available for going the extra mile for and with our partners to conclude aircraft transactions in the most reliable and efficient way.

SBAIR Sales and Marketing team can help potential clients narrow their selection by taking several factors and requirements of the clients such as the following:

• Mission requirements
• Cabin Volume (Pax and baggage capacity)
• Range
• Crew Requirements
• Budget or Price Range
• Operational Costs (Fixed and Variable Costs)
• Maintenance and Logistics
• Insurance
• After sale services and product support

Basically We make helicopter deals happen and structure sophisticated transactions of specific civil helicopter types manufactured by Airbus. However, we may be able to provide different solutions in terms of maintenance, tooling, and spare parts for Airbus helicopters already in service by benefiting our large maintenance and supply coverage reaching out virtually all Euro-Asian countries (defined as Europe by Airbus Helicopters).

Key functions in Sales and Marketing can be summarized as
* Acquisition and Sales,
* Structuring of Lease and Finance,
* Aircraft Ownership & Asset Management,
* Maintenance and Logistic,
* Mission Conversion Projects (i.e. VIP to Ambulance)

For sure, such capability is supported by our global network of partnerships with manufacturers, operators, financial institutions, brokers around the globe as well as Airbus Helicopters.