Helicopter Operations (AOC)

Turkish Civil Aviation is globally regulated in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization standard rules and practices. However, due to her location, mutual high flight frequency, and being a EU nominee, Turkey cares to harmonize her rules in accordance with European Aviation Safety Authority as well, insofar as she can do. In that regard, Aircraft operations is regarded one of the most sophisticated and costly functional area ruled by national CAA, ICAO and EASA of which requires serious organization and deep expertize. The owner of aircraft might be in a position to establish an aircraft operations organization by disregarding of considerable investment and fixed operational cost. It is needless to say that such need could be handled with a cost-effective manner.

SBAIR, as a single shop solution partner, is eager to support the business person who is going to own or ha already owned an aircraft in terms of aircraft/helicopter operations as well. Quality, safety, maintenance, crew, training and other operational management such as flight planning and routine flight operations of the aircraft/helicopter is handled by a dedicated organization in a cost effective manner, in close coordination with and on behalf of the owner. To provide mentioned-services, SBAIR has developed strategic partnership which brings required expertize and ability to access wide national, regional and global network by taking due account of its vision, mission, core values and ethics.