The moment an Airbus helicopter is delivered, one of the company’s primary missions begins: providing customers with the necessary support and services to carry out their operations efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. Through the HCare service offer, Airbus Helicopters keeps businesses on track and rotorcraft in the skies. Spanning material management, helicopter maintenance, technical support, training and flight ops, and connected services, HCare ensures that each flight is a success and performed with the highest levels of safety. Not only does this focus cover today’s flights, it covers tomorrow’s as well. As operators’ requirements evolve and their missions become more demanding, Airbus Helicopters continuously adapts its service portfolio to fit customers’ needs.

Airbus Helicopters remains 100 percent at the service of its customers. The company is committed to achieving:

• 100 percent of spare part planned orders delivered on time
• 100 percent of customers visited by an Airbus Helicopters representative to discuss their business and needs
• 100 percent of health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) red alarm queries answered within 24 hours
• 100 percent around-the-clock availability for all customer support queries

Airbus’ helicopter division is present in around 150 countries through its 29 customer centres and affiliated sites, 23 training centres with 26 simulators, some 100 service centres, and four technical support hubs. Each of these centres offers local solutions for the full range of Airbus helicopter products.

Airbus’ HCare material management capabilities extend across the globe via a network of some 100 authorised repair and overhaul centres, eight logistics hubs or central/regional inventories, and four worldwide customer support centres providing 24/7 technical, logistics and aircraft-on-ground (AOG) support.

Today, Airbus Helicopters is represented through 29 customer centers and some 100 MRO service centres. Thanks to this global network, Airbus Helicopters is ready to ensure that aircraft maintenance and upgrade work is completed efficiently, and rotorcraft downtime is limited.

Airbus’ helicopter division provides complete training solutions in 23 training centres throughout the world – from ab-initio up to recurrent training for both pilots and technicians.

Some of these centres have state-of-the-art full-flight simulators equipped with an OEM Sim Data Pack that provides the most true-to-life experience possible. And many of them utilise full-scale mock-ups, offering trainees an experience similar to what it would be on a real aircraft.

Airbus Helicopters provides several levels of technical support and resources to ensure the appropriate response to each query or concern via 24/7 technical support assistance.

Airbus’ Connected Services leverages operational in-service and maintenance data to optimise existing services and to improve profitability and mission performance. The smart interpretation of maintenance data can reduce costs and improve processes, such as on-time spare parts delivery, maintenance and logistics optimisation, and rotorcraft availability.

Airbus Helicopters’ Keycopter customer portal eases customers’ daily operations and allows them to focus on what really matters: their business. Keycopter is an innovative online platform for accessing technical publications, placing orders and quotations, managing fleet data as well as warranty claims, and receiving quick responses to support and services questions.