SBAIR aims to serve as single shop for its clients, in order to meet their requirements thoroughly. Its exponentially growing regional network in Turkey and Euro-Asia, and its global long-term business relationships, have afforded SBAIR an expeditious access to all available resources to measure up clients expectations swiftly.

As natural consequences of such visionary business mindset, and taking due account that aviation industry is heavily regulated by civil aviation authorities, SBAIR, also offers its customer quick and high quality wide range of aviation consultancy services, mainly starting from pre-procurement of an helicopter till the operation of it. In doing so, SBAIR is able to easily mobilize significant resources and subsequently get results in high quality and safety standards, with its profound knowledge, experienced professionals, state of art technology products and extensive aircraft/helicopter portfolio.

Moreover in the context of such consultancy services, SBAIR is also eager to assist potential entrepreneurs/investors develop and/or analyze different business models supported by technical, operational and financial data.