AS365 N3+

The AS365 N3+ is powered by 2 FADEC-equipped Safran Arriel 2C engines offering 15 percent more power, matched with an upgraded gearbox and rotor head.

This ultimate version of the Dauphin offers exceptional high and hot performance, increased useful load and lower operating costs.

Not only can the AS365 N3+ take off in ground effect at maximum weight and in temperatures of up to +50°C, it is also capable of taking off with a full load from sea level in Category A conditions.

More details

  • Main Missions

    – Parapublic
    – Oil and Gas
    – Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
    – Search and Rescue
    – Private and Business Aviation

  • Capacity

    2 pilot + 12 passengers
    Maximum cargo sling load:
    1,600 kg/3,527 lb

    Maximum Takeoff Weight:
    4,300 kg/9,480 lb
    4,250 kg/9,370 lb
    (All configurations)

    Useful load:
    1,926 kg / 4,246 lb

  • Performance

    2 Turbomeca Arriel 2C, turboshaft engines

    Maximum takeoff power (OEI):
    717 kW/961 shp

    Fast cruise speed:
    269 km/h – 145 kts

  • Range and Endurance

    Range: 923 km / 498 NM
    Endurance : 4 saat 45 dk.