The H225 has the best range of its category in offshore crew change configuration allowing a very competitive cost per NM / pax. With all major sensors displayed on the Dmap screen, pilots have an unprecedented situational awareness;
Oil rig approaches are made fully automatically up the “Missed Approach Point” reducing pilot’s workload.

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  • Main Missions

    – Offshore transportation
    – Search and Rescue – SAR
    – VVIP

  • Capacity

    2 pilots + 19 passengers

    Maximum cargo sling load:
    4,750 kg/10,472 lb

    Maximum Takeoff Weight:
    11,000 kg/24,250 lb
    11,200 kg/24,692 lb
    (with external load)

    Useful load:
    5,406 kg/11,918 lb

  • Performance

    2 Turbomeca Makila 2B, turboshaft engines.

    Takeoff power:
    1,567 kW/2,101 shp

    Fast cruise speed:
    262 km/h – 142 kts

  • Range and Endurance

    Range: 1,135 km / 613NM 10 pax
    Endurance : 5 h 38 min