Particularly suited for aerial work thanks to its payload capacity, the H215 offers excellent performances in high and hot environments.

– Commercial pax transport
– Aerial work

The H215 includes full glass cockpit avionics and the latest generation H225 autopilot. With a 72 cm. (28 in.) in longer cabin than the standard version, the long version offers an increased passenger capacity and volume.

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  • Main Missions

    – Commercial pax transport
    – Public services
    – Aerial work

  • Capacity

    2 pilots + 15 passengers
    (in comfort configuration)

    Maximum cargo sling load:
    4,500 kg/9,920 lb

    Maximum Takeoff Weight
    8,600 kg/18,960 lb
    9,350 kg/20,615 lb
    (with external load)

    Useful load:
    4,051 kg/8,931 lb

  • Performance

    2 Turbomeca Makila 1A1, turboshaft engines.

    Maximum emergency power (OEI):
    1,400 kW/1,877 shp

    Fast cruise speed:
    262 km/h – 141 kts

  • Range and Endurance

    Range: 772 km / 417 NM
    Endurance: 4 h 02 min