Vision, Mision and Values


To be nationally and regionally most-prefered, trusted company who provides one-stop solution to its customers  and a leading partner on safety and quality.


To provide sale, logistic, maintenance and other after sales  services of Airbus Helicopters to our stakeholders in aviation with innovative approaches, while maintaining utmost importance to safety and quality.


Customer Oriented:

We make a merit of being punctual,  presenting best price,  seeking  highest quality and safety on delivering our services. We, therefore, establish two way robust and seamless communication with our customers including our employees in order to understand their needs  and subsequently offer cost effective and sustainable solutions for their best interest.


We are committed to strive to improve all our processes, notably safety and quality, to establish and sustain a dependable, responsible, honest and professional  trademark with our  services and products. In that regard we take responsibility of our services and products by being sure of its quality.

Perfection and Quality:

We always pursue perfection and idealism in what we do, and try to benefit from every opportunity  which allows us to improve our performance and understanding in quality services. We continuously dedicate some of our efforts to enhance processes via quality management system.

Integrity and Ethic:

We genuinely believe that while how people treat you defines them, how you treat them in exchange defines you. Therefore, we take our every action in a respectful and responsible manner in accordance with global ethic principles and avoid possible conflict of interest.


We seek new ideas and encourage our employees to participate to create an added value, to establish effective and efficient workplace and to improve our processes continuously.  To achive this goal we deliberately invest resources to improve our ability to adopt ourselves new environment due to emerging challenges and to exploit possible business opportunities and to come up with innovative solutions .


Given the fact that “due to the synergy the total strength of the team is always larger then the cumulative total of the each individual member”, we are self-motivated to be a valuable team member not only in our company but also in domestic and regional aviation sector, therefore we dedicate efforts on promote synergy amongst our employees and our stakeholders.