Safety Policy

SBAir’s Safety Policy

SBAIR aims to be the company of choice in the civil aviation maintenance industry. We are committed to achieve business excellence by integrating safety and quality principles and programs into our work in accordance with the following principles.

Our Committements:

It is the responsibility of management to make sure that the quality and safety policy is understood and followed at all times by all personnel of the organization. SBAir is therefore committed to:

  • Apply human factors principles.
  • Encourage personnel to report maintenance related errors/incidents
  • Recognize safety as a prime consideration in all activities at all times for all the staff within the organization
  • Recognize that compliance with procedures, standards and regulations is the duty of all personnel
  • Ensure that safety standards are not compromised by commercial imperatives.
  • Ensure good use of resources and pay particular attention to carry out correct maintenance at all times.
  • Train all organization staff to be aware of human factors, safety report, fatigue and stress management and set a continuous training programme in these fields.
  • Ensures that employees are provided with sufficient information, education and training on procedures, quality standards, safety standards and regulations.
  • Provides sufficient resources and takes such other steps as may be necessary, to ensure a high level of awareness among employees of their duties and responsibilities to themselves and others.
  • Endeavors to adopt safety and quality practices and procedures, that are implemented by other reputable companies in the sector.
  • Ensures that maintenance procedures are kept current to reflect best practice within the organization.
  • Recognizes and implements that reporting of maintenance related errors/incidents is “penalty free”.