Quality Policy

SBAir’s Quality Policy

As SBAir, the official distributor of service center and approved maintenance organization of the Airbus Helicopters, which is the global leader of helicopter market, in order to serve our customers

  • on time
  • with the best quality-cost ratio,
  • with the highest safety standards,

Our Quality policy is:

  • To provide  all our services  in accordance with national and international civil aviation and other related regulations and ethics, in a trustable, responsible, honest, customer oriented and professional manner.
  • To establish and maintain  a robust and seamless two way communication with our  personel and stakeholders in aviation sector in order to allow us to match their expectations, to explore possible collaboration oppurtunities, to take required initiatives to enhance aviation safety and quality.
  • To monitor  innovative, creative and technologic development in order to improve our services and and deliver product diversity.
  • To take decisions based on current information and data analysis and run collaborative decision making process to let the employees participate.
  • To strive to improve the quality of our services through learning, sharing, benchmarking, innovation and participation in continuous improvement programs.
  • To deliver products and services that meet or exceed the standards set by the customers and relevant regulatory authorities
  • Performs to the best of our capacity at all times with full accountability for the quality of the work.
  • To communicate our quality policy with the employees, vendors and customers, to actively promote this policy across all levels and encourage our employees to make quality policy a part of their daily work routine.