Ethics & Code of Conduct

SBAir’s Ethics & Code of Conducts

  • Institutionally SBAir itself and all its personnel are fully aware of, and committed to comply with the following code of ethics and conduct without hesitation.
  • The code of ethics of SBAir mentioned below encompasses all spectrum of work including governing sales, marketing, operations, with transparency and by taking due account of business standards and company values.
  • Act within the legal and fiscal requirements of Republic of Turkey and in accordance with the international law and the United Nations relevant agreements.
  • Be familiar and comply with related laws, regulations and internal standards applicable to the functions assigned to them
  • Demonstrate “zero” tolerance to corruption, bribery money laundring
  • Refrain from excessive gifts and hospitality beyond a normal business conduct in business relations
  • Carry out  all functions with due diligence and best endeavors, maintain the highest professional standards in day-to-day business activities,
  • Conduct our activities with honesty, dignity and fiscal responsibility by always protecting and promoting our clients’ best interests,
  • Act fairly, reasonably, responsibly, honorably and ethically with each other and with clients and colleagues, and refrain from activities that will discredit SBAir, its partners and clients,
  • Do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexuality or disability,
  • Fulfill all contractual obligations promptly and completely.
  • Handle the complaints swiftly and sympathetically, and correct errors promptly,
  • Keep personal and sensitive business information confidential, and abide by the requirements of applicable data privacy and protection policies and legislation,
  • Refrain from using any form of misleading advertising or innuendo in marketing products and services,
  • Communicate material facts to our clients by supplying accurate and complete information in a clear and understandable manner,
  • Avoid conflicts of interest.